Special Victims Unit

Hampden District Attorney
The Special Victims Unit is a team of specially trained prosecutors, victim witness advocates and forensic interviewers dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of child abuse and adult sexual assault cases.

Child Abuse

The Unit works in conjunction with the Baystate Family Advocacy Center employing the multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse, serious physical abuse and child exploitation. The multi-disciplinary partnership includes medical professionals, prosecutors, victim advocates, law enforcement, Department of Children and Families, and mental health providers. This partnership of professionals investigates allegations of child abuse and coordinates services for children and families in a child-friendly, culturally sensitive way. This multi-disciplinary team approach reduces the impact of trauma on victims and families, while increasing access to child and family advocates, medical and mental health evaluation and treatment, and the criminal justice system.

Adult Sexual Assault

The Unit works together with state and local law enforcement in a coordinated and collaborative manner to ensure an effective response to reports of sexual violence, ensuring an investigation that is timely and objective and causes the least possible trauma to victims.


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