Superior Court Units

hampdendaDistrict Attorney Gulluni has established the following Units in Superior Court to provide a more focused approach to prosecutions. Assistant District Attorneys assigned to these units specialize in prosecuting these serious and complex cases.

  • Murder and Major Crimes
  • Drug and Gun Unit
  • Crimes Against Persons and Property Unit
  • Special Victims Unit
  • DNA Unit
  • Domestic Violence Unit
  • Elder and Persons with Disabilities Unit
  • Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit
Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit is a team of specially trained prosecutors, victim witness advocates and forensic interviewers dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of child abuse and adult sexual assault cases.

Child Abuse

The Unit works in conjunction with the Baystate Family Advocacy Center employing the multi-disciplinary team approach to the investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse, serious physical abuse and child exploitation. The multi-disciplinary partnership includes medical professionals, prosecutors, victim advocates, law enforcement, Department of Children and Families, and mental health providers. This partnership of professionals investigates allegations of child abuse and coordinates services for children and families in a child-friendly, culturally sensitive way. This multi-disciplinary team approach reduces the impact of trauma on victims and families, while increasing access to child and family advocates, medical and mental health evaluation and treatment, and the criminal justice system.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Unit

The District Attorney understands the widespread ramifications of domestic violence on families, children and the community; and in response, has dedicated attention and resources to this critical problem. The newly created Domestic Violence Unit employs specialized prosecutors and victim/witness advocates to deal with the unique needs of victims of domestic violence involved in the criminal justice system.

Goals and Responsibilities of the Domestic Violence Unit:

  • Increase Awareness of Domestic Violence
  • Increase Victim Safety
  • Assist Victims Through Progressive Programs
  • Prosecute Offenders
  • Educate and Train on Prevention of Violence
  • Maintain Domestic Violence Intervention Office
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Office
  • Staffed with advocates who offer assistance, guidance and support for all domestic abuse victims

Domestic Violence Intervention Office

Staffed with advocates who offer assistance, guidance and support for all domestic abuse victims.

Office Location

Hampden County Hall of Justice
50 State Street, 2nd Floor
Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 505-5651


Monday – Friday
No Appointment Necessary

Information Available

  • How to apply for a restraining order or press charges.
  • Safety Planning
  • Community Resource Referrals

24-Hour Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault

If you, or someone that you know, is questioning “is this abuse?” the District Attorney’s Office encourages you to explore the sites below or come to the Domestic Violence Intervention Office to have your questions answered.

  • YWCA: Springfield: 413-733-7100
  • Womanshelter/ Companeras: Holyoke 413-536-1628
  • Safe Passage: Northampton: 413-586-5006
  • Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project: 800-832-1901
  • SAFELINK: 877-785-2020

Information on Safety Planning

Domestic Violence Information

Elders and Persons With Disabilities Unit

The District Attorney has created a new unit in his office specifically focused on the investigation and prosecution of crimes against the elderly and persons with disabilities. The unit is designed to:

  • Increase communication with persons responsible for the protection, treatment and continuity of care of elders and persons with disabilities;
  • Increase awareness of crimes being committed against elders and persons with disabilities;
  • Increase communication and cooperation between law enforcement and agencies providing services to elders and persons with disabilities; and
  • Ensure that crimes committed against elders and persons with disabilities are promptly reported, investigated by trained law enforcement personnel and prosecuted by experienced assistant district attorneys.

Types of Abuse

  • Physical Abuse and Neglect
  • Financial Exploitation
  • Emotional and Verbal Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse

The District Attorney's office is dedicated to working with the elderly and persons with disabilities, their families, and social service agencies in order to develop prevention strategies and effectively prosecute crimes committed against the more vulnerable members of society.

Helpful Links and Information

Department of Mental Health
Western Massachusetts Area
Northampton State Hospital
P.O. Box 389
Northampton, MA 01061
(413) 587-6425

Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC)
300 Granite Street, Suite 404
Braintree, MA 02184
(617) 727-6465

DPPC Hotline 1-800-426-9009 or 888-822-0350 TTY

Department of Developmental Services Monson Development Center
171 State Street
Palmer, MA 01069
(413) 284-1592

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Protective Services Department
21 Spring Street, 2nd Floor
Taunton, MA 02780
(617) 204-3662 or (508) 823-2874

Greater Springfield Senior Services
66 Industry Avenue, Suite 9
Springfield, MA 01104-3243
(413) 781-8800

Highland Valley Elder Services, Inc.
320 Riverside Drive Suite B
Florence, MA 01062
(413) 586-2000

Elder Abuse Hotline



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