Addiction Taskforce

Available for download:

Western Mass Directory 10-2017

HCAT Treatment Resource Brochure

Hampden County Addiction Taskforce Announcement

Mission Statement:

The Hampden County Addiction Task-force (HCAT) is a collaboration of community resources, law enforcement (local and state), health care institutions, service providers , schools and community coalitions individuals and families whose goal is to focus on a county wide approach to address drug addiction, overdose and prevention.

Current Objectives:

  1. To develop a real-time overdose surveillance and analytic (ROSA) system that can provide weekly reports and/or formatted data to approved stakeholders in a secure platform.
  2. To study and assess the necessary treatment capacity needed county wide
  3. To develop standardize messaging for addiction and addiction related issues
  4. To provide a forum for law enforcement, health care institutions, service providers, schools and community coalitions to share best practices in prevention and education
  5. To leverage existing assets in seeking out new funding opportunities county wide for addiction prevention and treatment

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