Expungement and Record Sealing Forum Draws Large Crowd to the Holyoke Public Library

February 27, 2020 -Holyoke- A forum on record sealing and expungement drew a larger than anticipated crowd to the Holyoke Public Library on Thursday morning. The forum, presented by Hampden District Attorney Anthony D. Gulluni, who was joined by First Assistant District Attorney Eduardo Velazquez, and members of the District Attorney’s Community Safety and Outreach team, presented information on expungement, CORI law, and record sealing to a capacity crowd over 100 people.  many of whom are work in substance use and recovery counseling and career development.

The District Attorney has done a series of these unique educational events aimed both at folks who may pursue sealing or expungement of their own records, as well as those who work in social services who can pass this important information on to their clients and those they serve, a novel form of “training the trainer”.

For someone to seal their record, they first must petition the Commissioner of Probation or go to the court clerk’s office where their conviction was entered to initiate the process. If the petitioner’s effort is within the law’s allowances, a hearing will be ultimately held where the petitioner’s request will either be granted or not by the court.

Hampden District Attorney Anthony D. Gulluni stated, “A person’s criminal history can be an obstacle to pursuing an education or obtaining gainful employment. Our forum provides education on the state of the law so people who have paid their debt to society can improve themselves and become contributing community members. We are happy to help those who are ready and willing to help themselves.”

Criminal offenses that are not eligible: crimes of violence, child sexual abuse, gun or other weapon related offenses, and operating a vehicle under the influence. If there was a victim involved with the crime they mustn’t have been elderly, disabled, or a family member.

For more information on record sealing and expungement please visit:  https://www.mass.gov/how-to/request-to-seal-your-criminal-record and https://www.mass.gov/expunge-your-criminal-record .


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