Composite picture of suspect in the homicide of Shana Price released

Anyone with information is asked to call (413) 432-9881

December 7, 2022 -Springfield- Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni has released a composite sketch of a suspect in the 32 year old unresolved homicide involving Ms. Shana Price in the City of Springfield.

Hampden District Attorney Gulluni has retained the services of Parabon NanoLabs (Parabon), which utilizes cutting-edge DNA phenotyping technology to provide law enforcement with the ability to generate leads and narrow down suspect lists. Phenotyping is a process of predicting physical appearance and ancestry from DNA evidence.

Using DNA evidence from this investigation, Snapshot produced trait predictions for the associated person of interest. Individual predictions were made for the subject’s ancestry, eye color, hair color, skin color, freckling, and face shape. By combining these attributes of appearance, a Snapshot composite was produced depicting what the person of interest may have looked like at 25 years old and with an average body-mass index (BMI) of 22. These default values were used because age and BMI cannot be determined from DNA.

Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni stated, “Shana had her whole life ahead of her before being brutally murdered before turning 18. My Unresolved Case Unit has identified her case as one that could be advanced by applying modern DNA testing, along with additionally investigative work. ” D.A. Gulluni went on to say, “Our purpose in releasing these composite sketches is to reignite Shana’s case in the public’s consciousness, and to ask for anyone that may have information relating to her murder to please come forward.”    

The distinguishable genetic characteristics identified by Parabon’s genetic testing that are suspect possesses are; he is a male, brown to light brown complexion, brown/hazel eyes, black hair color, and zero to few freckles.  His ancestry has been predicted to be African Admix, which may include African-Caribbean, Latino Dominican Republic or African American.   

At a press conference releasing the composite sketches, Hampden DA Anthony Gulluni stated, “Let me be clear: to the person responsible for Shana’s murder, we have your DNA. We have your genetic characteristics. Justice is coming for you. Shana was a beloved mother, daughter, and sister. Her life was tragically cut short before she even reached the age of 18.  Members of her family are here with us today. They have never forgotten her, and neither have we. To Shana’s family and to other families who have lost a loved one to homicide, we do not forget. It is our mission to seek justice for you and your lost loved one. We stand with you in your grief, we share in your loss, and we will be relentless in bringing those responsible to justice.

On December 26, 1990, Ms. Shana Price’s body was discovered in Blunt Park in Springfield. She was 17 years old at the time of her murder.  Shana was discovered early in the morning by a Springfield Parks and Recreation Department foreman who was arriving for work. The Springfield Police Department arrived a short time later and commenced with a homicide investigation as Shana appeared to have been beaten, strangled , and sexually assaulted. Her death was later ruled a homicide by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The investigation into Shana’s murder did produce a single source, male, DNA profile from forensic evidence taken from the victim. This DNA profile was uploaded, beginning in April 2003, to state, local and international DNA databases, including Interpol.  Unfortunately, to date, there has been no CODIS “hits” or comparative matches to the developed DNA profile.

If you have any information on the murder of Shana Price on December 26, 1990, you are asked to call the Hampden District Attorney Office’s tipline at 413-432-9881.   


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